You are viewing documentation for Flux version: 2.0

Version 2.0 of the documentation is no longer actively maintained. The site that you are currently viewing is an archived snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

User Guides

Flux user guides.

Ways of structuring your repositories

How to structure your Git repositories for a smooth GitOps experience with Flux.

Manage Helm Releases

Manage Helm Releases in a declarative manner with Flux.

Setup Notifications

Configure alerting for Slack, Teams, Discord and others using Flux notification controller.

Setup Webhook Receivers

Configure webhook receivers for GitHub, GitLab, DockerHub and others using Flux notification controller.

Monitoring with Prometheus

Monitoring Flux with Prometheus Operator and Grafana.

Manage Kubernetes secrets with Mozilla SOPS

Manage Kubernetes secrets with Mozilla SOPS, OpenPGP, Age and Cloud KMS.

Sealed Secrets

Manage Kubernetes secrets with Bitnami sealed-secrets controller.

Automate image updates to Git

Automate container image updates to Git with Flux.

Configure image automation authentication

How to use cron jobs to sync image repository credentials.

How to make sortable image tags to use with automation

how to construct container image tags compatible with Flux automation.