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Kustomize Controller

The GitOps Toolkit Kustomize Controller documentation.

The kustomize-controller is a Kubernetes operator, specialized in running continuous delivery pipelines for infrastructure and workloads defined with Kubernetes manifests and assembled with Kustomize.

Kustomize Controller Diagram


  • Reconciles the cluster state from multiple sources (provided by source-controller)
  • Generates manifests with Kustomize (from plain Kubernetes YAMLs or Kustomize overlays)
  • Decrypts Kubernetes secrets with Mozilla SOPS and KMS
  • Validates manifests against Kubernetes API
  • Impersonates service accounts (multi-tenancy RBAC)
  • Health assessment of the deployed workloads
  • Runs pipelines in a specific order (depends-on relationship)
  • Prunes objects removed from source (garbage collection)
  • Reports cluster state changes (alerting provided by notification-controller)


Controller Options

Controller command flags and defaults.


The GitOps Toolkit Custom Resource Definitions documentation.

API Reference

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